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An intense immersion
in the gospel

Casey Cleveland

Pastor/Plantor of the avenue church in Delray Beach, FL and Gospel Boot Camps Board member

Gospel boot camps is an intense immersion in the gospel.

You’ll leave trained to effectively share the gospel of the Savior you know and love with any person, in any context, and from any passage.

That’s our promise.


Co-Founder Gospel Boot Camps

Gospel Bootcamps

Training Church Planters, Pastors, and Church Lay Leaders to Effectively Communicate the Gospel.

Church Planters


Gospel Boot Camps are Active Around the World

With the help of many Gospel “partners,” close to 40,000 ministry leaders in 11 countries have experienced the Gospel Boot Camp training.

Through our partnership with Compassion International, we touch the lives of 330,000 children in 6 Central & South American countries.

  • USA
  • Africa
  • Chad
  • Malawi
  • Central America
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Hyderabad
  • Manapur
  • South America
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • West Indies
  • Cuba


  • Endorsements

    Gospel BootCamp is the "go to" training for pastors and communicators to be clear and concise in presenting good news, bad news and very Good News! If you want to be better at what you do and desire to see lost people come to faith in Christ,  take a Gospel Bootcamp training event. CMM highly recommends it to all our coaching clients.
    Tom Wood
  • Endorsements

    I was challenged and motivated ... I love the fact that pastors can receive an ongoing challenge to be clear about what the gospel is and how people respond.
    Ed Stetzer (edstetzer.com)
  • Endorsements

    Gospel Boot Camps aren't just for people who want to learn how to share the Gospel with others. As a pastor who shares the gospel regularly with others and from the pulpit weekly, going through this course renewed my appreciation for all aspects of the Gospel and bolstered my confidence in sharing it with others!
    Kris Hassanpour
  • Endorsements

    The Church Planting Board at Spanish River Church believes that the Gospel Boot Camp it is the best training a pastor can receive to equip him to effectively preach the Gospel. For this reason attendance at a Gospel Boot Camp is required in order to receive approval for financial support from Spanish River Church.
    Ron Tobias
  • Endorsements

    God has given me the privilege to preach the "bad news" and the "good news" in the Colombian Amazon Jungle. It is amazing how God has used a clear, concise, sequential presentation of the Gospel among the Cubeo Indians! After conduction the "boot camps" I usually heard from the Indian leaders, Now I get it! - Praise God, Thanks Nori for all you do!
    Matt Dubocq
  • Endorsements

    Compassion International - South America has benefited tremendously from our partnership with Gospel Boot Camps. After almost four years of using their materials and training approach, we have trained close to 25,000 Christian leaders, volunteers and Compassion Staff at all levels in six different countries.

    Using the GBC curriculum as a foundation, we are developing a permanent and ongoing plan to share and reinforce the Gospel with the 330,000 children and youth enrolled in our programs so that throughout the year, all will hear the Gospel in an age-appropriate way and thus have an opportunity to make a profession of faith based on a comprehensive understanding of the Gospel.

    We are so happy about what the Lord has done and will do in the future. 

    Jose Carasco


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